The reason why it caught my attention is because when interviewing certain DIY Advertisers, I had asked them the question, “How would you like it if your advertising network made all your banner ads from a graphic and a few words of text?” It’s definitely possible to automate banner creation. However, the ability to re-size, drag & drop is something that takes a bit more skill.

Check out

It has pre-set sizes, so you don’t have to research which sizes are the most common. Drag, drop, re-size. Have fun with it.

If this were to pump out 6 ad sizes for the same campaign, and all you were to do was to tweak it… I mean, that would be pretty crazy. I’m willing to be people would pay money for that. Doing each one by hand in GIMP is sure a pain in the ass, so it already getting you started with the basics would save hours per campaign… more hours you could be actually campaigning.

Back to AdKreator, there are plenty of things I would have never thought to do for an Ad Network. For instance, it let’s you create website headers, fancy splash page images, peel-away ads and more. For a free product, it does a lot.

Tell me what you think below…

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