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Every “Pay Per Time” advertising network has their strengths and weaknesses.  There are plenty of market gaps to be covered, and there is a lot of room to grow these networks.  Consider a network with five major advantages:

  1. Quality of Traffic = Known
  2. Communication = Awesome
  3. Barrier to Entry = 1000 Ad Views
  4. Publisher Revenue ~= 100% of Ad Revenue
  5. Competitor Research = Free

Do you know who I’m talking about yet?


Yep.  We’re talking about ourselves.  Isn’t that a bit vain?


So here’s the thing.  We need early sign ups and interviews.  We’re creating a pretty basic system to get those 3 things done effectively, but how we move forward after launch is up to you!

We need your opinions.  We need your struggles.  We need you to tell us what to do.  The customer – that’s you – is the boss.  Specifically, we’re looking to design new technologies for you.  Here are some ideas that we’ve come up with:

  1. Split Testing
  2. Audience Targeting
  3. Audience Re-Targeting
  4. Automated Guaranteed Channels for Small Test Budgets
  5. Affiliate Marketing / Referral Program

Drop your email here and we’ll add you to our launch date list:



Tell your friends.  End of September.


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