Pro Tip No 1

My first hosting company that I actually paid for was JustHost.  Recently, I’ve found their customer service lacking, but I remember I used to be able to talk with the tech support for a straight hour and a half until he fixed the problem.  Last time, the email server went down for like half the day, and their response was “It will be rebooted.  Check again tomorrow.”  I felt a sense of loss – no more pride in my hosting company – from stay on the phone until its fixed to go away, try again tomorrow.

Every 6 months to a year, they would send me $50-$200 in Adwords PPC as part of the deal!  I don’t remember the last time they did that, but I do know that other hosting companies still do this for Yahoo, Bing, and Google Ads.  Hostgator, my latest hosting company offers $100 in the control panel for Google AdWords… check out your cpanel to your (shared) hosting account!

Here’s the Pro Tip: You will not get much traffic to your site at first, so try you hand at some PPC campaigns (for free)!

SEO only works once your domain has a bit of age, traffic, and links from external sites.  This doesn’t happen overnight, and usually not for 6 months or so.  Use up those PPC credits and see what kind of CTR (and conversion rates if you’re fancy like that) you can get for the search terms.

For more on this, check out eWebStyle’s latest podcast:


Please remember to try long tail keywords to stretch out your money.  Location specific searches have a much higher conversion rate.  (ie, Plumbing near Colorado Springs)

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