Wouldn’t it be great to have an advertising network that is selling at market price for once?  Or shows enough data to save you on split testing?

The short and sweet – this new Advertising Network model is built like a social network for buying and selling ads for the “Do-It-Yourself Advertiser” and the “Struggling Publisher”. No more middle man. No more advertising network taking a % for their service to you. No more fees. It’s raw, rugged, and crazy simple.  It should work like this:

Advertiser: “You want this ad on your site?”
Publisher: “Why yes I would.” [clicks approve]

Or… it should work like this:

Publisher: “Could I have your ad on my site?”
Advertiser: “Yes!”  [clicks approve]

How is it different than any other direct buying service?

  1. The welcoming party.  For the publisher, we tell you how to get your ad spots to have a higher value for your advertiser so you can charge more!  We will even tell you how much you should charge based on market sector, where your ad is placed, and what size it is.
  2. The transparency.  For the advertisers, we share the metrics of all ads that have been placed with our service.  If you don’t find what you need to make a purchase, just ask the publisher… which brings us to the next point…
  3. The community.  When’s the last time you’ve called your publisher or advertiser that you’ve met through an advertising network?  Probably never, unless you’re clever.  We give you the opportunity to connect directly and build relationships with real people.
  4. The price.  Free is hard to beat.  Having multiple income streams is the smart way to do creative business, and we’ve decided to sacrifice our core service.  Our goal is to get you making money first and foremost – before you even think about upgrading.  (Hard to upgrade when you have no money, huh?  We feel ya.)

Interested in getting early access to this network and getting all paid features for free?  See below…

Method #1 – The Launch List

If you just want to know when the site is officially live for everyone, just sign up here:



But if you want pro member for life status, you should consider method #2 instead…

Method #2 – The Survey:

(If this embedded survey below does not look good on your screen, try going straight to the survey site by clicking here.)

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