Advertise With Mutual Surety

We help Advertisers to establish their brand through elimination of ad rotation and the utilization of proprietary quality scoring software. Quality scoring also reduces the money wasted in the testing environment, and that, along with the lower costs in AdFortress campaigns, drastically increases ROI.

Get Ads That Matter

AdFortress prevents random unwanted advertising clutter by empowering the publisher to be totally selective in approving each individual ad. Publishers are typically undervalued and suffer from unfair payout from other advertising services, but not at AdFortress. Not only do we provide fair market price, but we have the lowest barrier to entry in the industry.

What is it that You want in advertising ?

Less work.  More money. Or is it?

Lack of work is strangely not a passion.  More money is rarely the motivator last standing.  Yet – the truth isn’t far from it.  What you and I want in advertising is the assurance that we can spend our money and our time wisely.  That’s why you are here.  You want to focus your time on the things that you are passionate about without leaving money on the table.

The Back Story:

The whole AdFortress project exists in order to help us find Advertisers that we could really build with – have a solid relationship.  Rather than going with the flow and finding some Advertising Network that paid us $0.20 CPM and stole the remainder with help from the Advertising Agency, we thought… let’s be the good guy.

The Focus:

Bring the DIY Advertiser and Niche Blogger together.

Are you the DIY (Do It Yourself) Advertiser?

  • $50-300 monthly budget.
  • Probably trying to make a split on affiliate commissions, maybe have a few clients paying per lead.
  • Struggle to find the proper data: expected CTR, conversion rates, time on page, etc.
  • Spend way too much time tweaking your campaigns.
  • Branding seems too distant into future.  How will you afford that?

Are You the Niche Blogger?

  • You’ve got some audience, some good content, all original, but are losing steam from lack of revenue.
  • Can’t find an Advertising Network that displays ads that add to your content, let you control what’s served.
  • Nothing pays what the public data says you should be getting.  $2-15 CPM?  Pipe dream.
  • Too low traffic to get into the nicer Advertising Networks. 500k/mo uniques?  Absurd…

How Direct Buys Help:

  • Advertisers:  For missing data, you can ask the Publisher.  No more tweaking.  Research done.
  • Publishers:  Get a way better deal.  Did you know that most Advertising Networks take 25-50%?
  • Advertisers:  Inexpensive branding.  No middle men – just two people doing business.
  • Publishers:  Full control over the ads.  You approve, get paid, post the ad.
  • Networking.  Growing together.  Building together.  Advertising networks don’t do that for you.

Where Do We Come in?

AdFortress would like to be your social network to make the connections happen and your ad server to make the ads appear in the right spot at the right time.  We also want it to be free.  Sure, there will be some fancy paid stuff for the advanced and seasoned users, but the core services will be free.

In short, it’s a Social Network for Buying and Selling Ads.

It’s not finished yet, but if you would like to help pioneer it, give us some guidance, your thoughts, your feedback, your touch, so to speak, them please, by all means… take the Early Access Survey, because you know you want to…

Take the Early Access Survey

Okay, okay, we know… stop pushing so hard… but seriously. We have like 5 results at the time of writing this, so your opinion would count at 33% (since the first three don’t count). The faster you tell us what you want, the sooner, we can start making it.

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So would you like to contact us and tell us things? Ask for things?  Want an interview?  Need a product reviewed?

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Direct Advertiser to Publisher Communication

Do you believe that there should be a place to find and communicate with Advertisers and Publishers?  While we are working hard to set up that social network for you, check out these other great ways of joining the revolution NOW.

  1. Join our Facebook group: Advertiser to Publisher – by AdFortress
  2. Shout out on Twitter: Use #DirectAdsRevolution and @adfortress for the win!
  3. Subscribe to AdFortress updates (in the side bar).
  4. Take the early access survey.  Let’s us know what you want most in an Advertising Service.  Without a customer, there is no business, so tell us what you want!
  5. Make a comment below…

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